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Our team of specially trained body and beauty therapists continue to perform over 1000+ treatments, helping to eliminate stubborn fat, tighten ageing skin, reduce cellulite and sculpt your body with transformative results.

Unsure about which treatment you should consider? Our Senior Skin and Body Specialist is happy to chat ! 


Senior Skin & Body Specialist

Anna is a beauty industry leader, bringing 20 years of experience in the beauty industry and having completed studies both nationally and internationally. Anna is ahead of the curve, keeping up to date with the latest techniques and technologies and introducing the latest services to ABS.

Being a Beauty Therapist may sound glamorous, but it requires a lot of hard work and your schedule is often very busy.


However, spending your day making others feel truly pampered and looking great is both fun and extremely rewarding and this is what makes Anna wake up every morning and go to work. Anna believes that excellent customer service skills, a pleasant can-do personality, and the ability to be a good listener are all vitally important if you are going to have a successful beauty therapy career. 


Anna loves delivering a variety of spa services (body treatments, massages, facials. 

Anna is happy to answer and questions and loves to take the time to work with each individual to achieve their body goals.


Beauty therapist

Hi, my name is Emily and upon completion of my studies, I developed a passion for skin and body care and had the opportunity to join the Advanced Body Sculpting team.  I hope to begin a Nursing Degree next year to further my knowledge and hopefully continue my career as a cosmetic nurse. 


I love all things beauty-related!! I am passionate in making women feel beautiful so working with Advanced Body Sculpting is a very rewarding experience for me.  I love forming relationships with each and every client and tailoring our range of services to suit their personal needs.

Since working with Anna I have found a strong interest in body sculpting and skin rejuvenation and care. I look forward to my continuous growth in the industry and the future of non-invasive treatment.

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Discover the difference 

We combine body specialist techniques with sophisticated & advanced medical grade technology that is clinically proven to achieve transformative results.

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