Lymphatic  Drainage Massage

Our bodies are different and will respond to treatment differently.


Speak to our body specialists to determine the right treatment plan for you



How does it work?

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is delivered by our expert body specialists by hand with a combination of oils and can also be incorporated with the RF treatment to reduce water retention, swelling and most importantly aid in the elimination of fat and toxins through the lymphatic system. 

This can be a stand alone treatment but is generally combined with a fat freezing or EMS session to maximise results !

Want the full experience - combine with our Face Sculpt and enjoy 60 mins of relaxation & detoxification , Head to Toe.

Expected Results

Reduce water retention and swelling. Help eliminate fat through the lymphatic system.

Promotes healthy blood flow 

Keeps you relaxed and detoxifies your body.

You will be floating on air after this one !


Complements any other treatment

Helps Eliminate Fat

Relaxing and Detoxifying

Reduce swelling and water retention


Available in:

Sylvania, Sydney NSW

Docklands, Melbourne VIC


"Ended my Fat Freezing session with a lymphatic drain massage - Divine !"